Up to 77% off Star Wars Games through Steam


You may have noticed a lump of Star Wars posts in the past few days, but how can it be denied!  After all, May the 4th be with you is this coming Monday!

If you’re still looking for a way to celebrate International Star Wars Day, then check out the Steam Sale to get up to 77% off digitally distributed star wars games!

14 Games for $23!?!

The best deal of the day is clearly the 2015 Star Wars collection (provided you haven’t played many SW games in the past), and the deal is so hot you may need to put on your Glareshades.  (Not kidding, that’s the Star Wars word for Sunglasses.  Thanks, Extended Universe!)

Located in this bundle for the low low price of $23, you will find the following (Sorry for the weird listing order, it’s the order on the Steam page, and I don’t want to do anything wrong that could bring down the wrath of the Emperor upon me).

  • Star Wars – Dark Forces
  • Star Wars – Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR!!!!)
  • Star Wars – The Force Unleashed II
  • Star Wars  -The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition
  • Star Wars – Battlefront II
  • Star Wars – Empire at War – Gold Pack
  • Star Wars – Jedi Knight – Dark Forces
  • Star Wars – Jedi Knight – Jedi Academy
  • Star Wars – Jedi Knight – Mysteries of the Sith
  • Star Wars – Jedi Knight II – Jedi Outcast
  • Star Wars – Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords
  • Star Wars – Republic Commando
  • Star Wars – Starfighter
  • Star Wars – The Clone Wars – Republic Heroes
Of course, if you already own some of these, you can piecemeal what you’re missing.

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