Harley Quinn Harleen Cardigan (DC)


Harley Quinn “Harleen” Cardigan (DC)
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Oh Harley.  You’ve changed so much.  So many of your fans…they know you from awesome games made by Rocksteady… some will meet you for the first time with Suicide Squad…others came on board with just a glance at the amazing first issue of your comic run with the Alex Ross cover.

But whether you are lovesick Harley, Psychotic Harley, or whatever Roller Girl thing you’ve got going on now… deep down you will always be Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel… a smart psychiatrist who just happened to fall in love with the leader of the wrong crowd.

Part of the reason I love this cardigan…aptly named “the Harleen” is because it’s something I could envision Harley the shrink…Harley the “normal” wearing.  And it reminds me that anyone who is a “normal” still has a little crazy bundled up inside.  Cheers to you, Harley…and to all of your fans.


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