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Scientific American Mind Magazine  (6 Issues)
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Paper Media…. people will tell you it doesn’t have a place in this digital world.  But here’s the thing, Scientific American mind is one of THE MOST mind-opening journalism endeavors out there, with a specific focus in psychology, neuroscience, and all of the bits and bobs folded into those fields.

This magazine is SO MUCH MORE than the one magazine (with the exception of maybe Psychology Today) that you should get when you are about to get on a plane.  Reading Scientific American mind will teach you about why others are the way they are…and even more importantly, what up there in your noggin makes you…YOU!

Don’t believe me?  Recent magazine articles have included such topics as:

  • First Aid for Mental Health – How a simple eight hour class is thought to likely prevent tragedies caused by psychiatric disorders.
  • A Portrait of a Liar – How to better detect deception.
  • Played by a Parasite – How Toxoplasma gondii can tweak the behavior of its human host.
  • Conformity starts young – The causes and processes behind the need to conform, which can start as young as 2 years old!

For $8, you can get 6 issues of being the smartest person at the dinner party, office, or college study session.  $8 well spent!




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