LEGO Architecture Series Imperial Hotel (21017)


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The LEGO Imperial Set is 1188 pieces, many of them very small, in order to complete the detailed look of the Frank Lloyd Wright design.

In the late 1880s, the original hotel location was created to accommodate an influx of Western visitors to Tokyo, Japan.  This design, was actually added to the hotel site much later and opened in 1923.  Although time (and a remarkable number of fires and earthquakes) have taken their toll, this building was entirely rebuilt (like LEGO) and can still be visited at the Museum Meiji-Mura, located in Inuyama, Japan.  An interesting sidenote of history is that during the creation of this project, Wright’s son, John, was inspired to create the popular children’s toy “Lincoln Logs” based on models used for the foundation of this hotel.

Cool history, awesome set, nerdsteal price.

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An Iconic Wright Work designed in the Maya Revival Style

An Iconic Wright Work designed in the Maya Revival Style


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