Hello Kitty 14 Inch Dome Bag – 64% Off


Hello Kitty HUGE Dome Bag by Loungefly at eBags
Originally $84.99
Now: $41.64  (64% Off)
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Hello Kitty fans who are headed out on longer summer day trips in the near future, this bag is for you.  With HUGE dimensions of 14″x11″x6″, you can easily hold all the things you’d need for a trip to the beach, an amusement park, a more stylish diaper/kid bag, or even a light overnight trip.

Despite it’s size, it doesn’t feel bulky to carry, especially high on the shoulder, as the thick straps really do distribute the weight of the bag quite well.  The shiny, embossed PVC style looks sleek, but is also very easy to keep clean, and lets the bag get banged around a bit more without damage.  Not a Hello Kitty fan, but doing some luggage shopping?  The 15% Off with code “SALUTE” is applicable to almost everything at eBagsbut expires 5/26 at 11pm PT, so definitely act now.




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