10 Shirts Under $10 – Marvel Edition


We’re trying something a little different this week since there are literally THOUSANDS of great nerd shirt out there at a good price these days.  Once a week we’ll write up the 10 best shirts we can find for under $10 for a specific theme.  Have a theme you want us to cover?  Comment here, or let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

Let’s get to this week’s Marvel Edition of 10 under $10!

#10 – This Dark Phoenix Ladies’ Long Sleeve Tee!  Just $9.99 at Thinkgeek 
Because sometimes on the weekend, you just have to embrace your Phoenix force.
hrmu_dark_phoenix_ladies_pullover#9 – This Captain America Short Sleeved Tee.  $9.99 at Tanga with FREE SHIPPING.
Because you’ll probably buy a 4th of July shirt anyway.  Might as well get the Red, White, and Blue in its nerdiest form.


#8 – This Retro Cool Iron Man Shirt for $7.99 at StylinOnline
Because you like to keep it vintage.


#7 – This Nightcrawler Bamf shirt, part of ThinkGeek’s 2 for $20 sale through 11:59 on 5/31.
Because you want people to think you are scented with just a touch of brimstone.
#6 – This Deadpool Mash Up shirt, also part of the 2 for $20 sale at Thinkgeek through 5/31/15
Because Tacos.

#5 – This X-Men Danger Room Shirt for $7.99 at StylinOnline
Because you like to make non-nerds try really hard to figure out if you’re wearing a nerd shirt or a band shirt.
#4 – This Spider-Man Varsity Ladies’ Tee part of the 2 for $20 sale at Thinkgeek through 5/31/15
Because Ladies deserve awesome nerd-shirts that fit well.  (And the awesome owner of the company models all her own gear because she believes in it so much).
#3 – This Punisher Shirt for only $5 at Tanga with FREE SHIPPING!
Because getting a shirt for $5 will help you free up more funds for revenge. (#Mwhaahaha)

https---s3.amazonaws.com-tanga-images-84dcczr4z4xu#2 – This Amazing Spider-man Graphic Tee for $4.90 at Stylin
Because you like your graphic tees to be loud and proud

#1 – This Iron Man costume tee for $7.99 at Stylin Online
Because Tony Stark’s Birthday was May 29, and if you didn’t get him a present, the least you can do is show him you care.
BONUS!  This Captain Canada for $10 at Busted Tees
Because who cares about Steve Rogers anyway… and it’s really hard to find Captain Canuck shirts.


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