Ninja Gaiden 3 for Wii U – $7.00


Ninja Gaiden 3 for Wii U at WalMart
Originally $59.96
Now: $7.00 (88% Off)

*Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge is rated M for Mature

There is a lot of new content in this console specific release of Ninja Gaiden 3.  Razor’s Edge, for the Nintendo Wii U, includes a new character, Ayane (familiar to fans of the Dead or Alive series), who has her own chapters in story mode, and entirely new controls using the touch screen of the Wii U Game Pad.   If you are a fan of the Ninja Gaiden series, but haven’t picked up 3, this variation has a lot of Wii U specific content that makes this an even better deal.



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