ST:TNG Picard Costume Jacket – 53% Off


Jean Luc Picard Costume Jacket at ThinkGeek
Originally $299.99
Now: $139.99 (53% Off)

*Note: Coupon Code “TOPTIER” ends at 11:59pm ET 6/15/15
ST: TNG fans – This is “the most accurate Picard Jacket replica in existence” and at 53% off is an amazing overall deal. ¬†Originally priced at $299.99, until 6/15/15 only, this jacket is $139.99 with coupon code “TOPTIER”.

Plus, if this is a gift for your favorite dad on Father’s day, you can also include the “SuperDad” Mug*¬†for free by stacking code “SUPERDAD” as well.

*Also great for dudes named Dave.


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