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Available for Pre-Sale Only through July 20, 2015, you can get the Hero Initiative Charity Fundraising Shirt for $21.99 from J!NX.  If you don’t know what the Hero Initiative is, you can learn more at their website, but if you just want the 30 second pitch here it is:

In 2001, The Hero Initiative got started as a publicly supported not for profit charitable organziation to support comic book veterans who are in need.  Unlike many other jobs in the 50s and 60s, working on comics didn’t come with a pension, or enough money to really save up in case of emergencies, especially as age took its toll on these legends of comics.  Now, the Hero Initiative works as a safety net to keep those artists and creators above water, often in spite of huge medical bills.  Buying this shirt is a simple way to give back to those who have inspired you, while still getting something tangible out of the deal.

Here are a few of their stories:

-Gene Colan (Iron Man, Daredevil, Batman artist) – “If there was not a Hero Initiative, I probably would have gone under. Hero picked up the slack and made sure I didn’t drown. They kept me going, paid the rent. That, to me, is a miracle. They saved me, and my family.”

-Josh Medors (G.I. Joe and Spider-Man artist) – Josh, barely thirty, has been battling inoperable spinal-cord cancer for some time. Thanks to your donations, the Hero Initiative has been able to assist Josh with expenses.

-Steve Gerber (Creator of Howard the Duck) – Steve Gerber, beloved by fans and fellow industry professionals alike, was still a vital creative force when he began his fight with pulmonary fibrosis, a condition that made his efforts to work sometimes difficult, sometimes impossible. Up until his death in 2008, the Hero Initiative was able to provide medical and living expenses for Gerber thanks to generous donations from his fans and peers.

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