About Us

NerdSteals is a free online blog run by a few nerds who love all of the amazing merchandise out there on the internet, but hate paying full price.

Our mission is simple: Find awesome stuff. Find the best price we can. Post it.

We aren’t interested in spamming you.  Instead we try to present a curated list of stuff *we* actually want (or bought) that we hope will be helpful to you.  We also want you to be a part of what we show so if you hate something, love something, or have an item you want us to put on our radar to monitor for a great price, contact us at https://twitter.com/nerdsteals or https://www.facebook.com/NerdSteals.  We are interested in having conversations with you and representing only the best of nerd wares out there, at fantastic prices!

Many items listed on the site do return a small commission for our referral if you buy after clicking on one of our links, but this isn’t our only reason for posting (although it is what helps keep us around).  We often post deals that don’t benefit us through compensation at all, because the deal is so good we just need you to know about it!  The one caveat we want to make clear is that: We do not carry any of the products listed on the site, nor do we directly sell anything.  If you pick up an item and have an issue, definitely contact the site it was purchased from.